New Fellows 2019

Ms Francesca Ferrazza

Francesca Ferrazza

Ms Francesca Ferrazza FTSE

Photovoltaics & renewables researcher

Senior Vice-President Decarbonisation & Environmental R&D, Eni (Italy)

Ms Francesca Ferrazza has made exceptional contributions to photovoltaic and renewables research, development and industrial application, and professional/industry leadership.

Ms Francesca Ferrazza is an internationally renowned leader in the field of renewable energy, especially photovoltaics. In her role with the Italian energy giant Eni, which operates in 67 countries with some 31,000 employees, she is one of the most influential individuals in the development of renewables and environmental technologies – from solar, bioremediation and hydrocarbon recovery, to biomass waste-to-fuel and nuclear fusion – worldwide.

Ms Ferrazza has a background in semiconductor physics and 30 years of experience between applied research in the field of photovoltaics, in particular crystalline and thin film silicon technology, and R&D management. She is member of the European Photovoltaic Technology Platform.

She is also a member of many national and international scientific committees and working groups on renewable energy, in particular, for more than 15 years of the European Photovoltaic Technology Conference and Exhibition as Topic Organiser and of the US-based IEEE PVSC as scientific member and International Committee co-Chair. She has published many journal and conference articles, papers and book chapters and is co-inventor of patents in the field of photovoltaics.