New Australian commitment to cutting emissions a welcome step

16 June 2022

The Government’s commitment today to an increased emissions reduction target for 2030 is strongly welcomed by the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE).

ATSE CEO Kylie Walker said, “The Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering welcomes a strong Government commitment to rapidly reducing emissions. We are ready to see the next decade as time for transition and transformation supported by technology.”

“A clean and prosperous future is possible through a commitment to strategically deploying mature and emerging technology. With the right investment and planning, Australia has the potential to be a world leader in low and negative emission technology and renewable energy generation.”

“Secure, affordable clean energy supported by applied science solutions and efficiently engineered infrastructure that leverages Australia’s abundant natural advantage is essential for our future.”

ATSE has, however, advised caution regarding how the new commitment of a 43% reduction by 2030 is measured and reported against. The new target is based on a 2005 baseline – the second highest emissions year in Australia’s history. Compared with the 2019 baseline, the new reduction target is actually only 31.5%.

“Clarity and consistency in setting, measuring and reporting publicly against emission reduction targets is essential. ATSE stands ready to assist in identifying appropriate measures and tools, and strategies to achieve even swifter deep emission cuts to secure Australia’s future,” Ms Walker said.

“To safeguard Australia’s economy, society and environment, we must aim to limit warming to below 2 degrees Celsius, driven by a technology-forward economy.”

“We need greater investment in R&D and in building the skilled workforce required to achieve emission reduction commitments.”

The Academy, which counts more than 900 of Australia’s leading applied scientists, engineers and technologists, looks forward to its continued collaboration with the Australian Government in shaping a technology powered, human driven future for all Australians.


Media contact: Aidan Muirhead, Manager, Communications | 0409 856 886

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Read our emissions target explainer here or download the explainer below.