2023 New South Wales Election

Policy and technology for a prosperous NSW – Leading Technologists, Scientists and Engineers present priorities ahead of 2023 state election

20 March 2023



Ahead of the March 2023 NSW state election, 250 eminent technologists, applied scientists, and engineers from the state present their vision for a strong New South Wales economy built on the foundation of technology and innovation.  

The Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE) encourages NSW leaders to outline a vision for how they will address the state’s challenges, and make the next decades the most prosperous in the state’s history. 

ATSE CEO Kylie Walker encourages candidates to engage on the issues: NSW faces rising energy costs, skills shortages in key industries, falling education outcomes and a health care system that is both stretched and fatigued. 

“This election provides an opportunity to adopt an evidence-based approach to zero-carbon production that will meet the growing needs of the state, and invest in infrastructure at a regional level that will support renewable energy sources,” said Walker.  

“Collaboration between research and industry would make the most of the state’s strong record in important fields such as quantum computing and mRNA, and the applications of these technologies will support the NSW economy. 

“Supporting schools and educators across regional and urban areas of NSW to integrate STEM and provide hands-on experiences in engineering will build a workforce that is diverse, flexible and adaptable. Investment now will create careers in industries from health to infrastructure that support a resilient and prosperous economy that can survive natural disasters and thrive through technology changes.” 

ATSE is a national network of leading experts that provides impartial, evidence-based advice on applied science, technology and engineering, and how to leverage these to solve existing and emerging challenges.  

ATSE stands ready to leverage the collective talents of our Fellows — some 250 internationally recognised experts based in NSW, and more than 900 experts across the nation — to support those seeking to lead this state to achieve the best outcomes for the people of NSW. 

The NSW Division of ATSE encourages all candidates to engage with ATSE and work with us to build resilient and more prosperous NSW.  


The future strength of the NSW economy will be built on the foundation of technology and innovation.

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