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Shape Your Future 2023


The Shape Your Future webinar series is organised by ATSE’s STEM education in schools initiative STELR


2 May — Celebrating careers in respiratory health and STEM education
A recording is available to watch (45 minutes)

20 June — People, Planet, Prosperity – How to save our world?
A recording is available to watch (45 minutes)

1 August — Technology and Traditional Knowledge – creative problem solving, connection, and Country
A recording is available to watch (48 minutes)

12 September – From code to career: towards our digital future
A recording is available to watch (46 minutes)

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31 October — Beyond the Orbits: A journey through space
1:10pm-1:55pm AEDT
Join us for the upcoming Shape your Future session which will bring together a panel of remarkable STEM pioneers working in various areas in space sciences. The presentations will be followed by a panel discussion and Q&A session.

Dr. Laura McKemmish, Senior Lecturer, UNSW
Dr. Lucy Forman, Research Fellow, Curtin University
Nimal Kumar Balasubramani, Aerospace Engineer and researcher, Omni Tanker Pty Ltd.


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Live long and healthy

How to extend your health with Dr Sharyn Fitzgerald.


Improving health digitally

Improving outcomes of digital health programs with Grace Lethlean.


Is your city affecting your health? 

Investigating health impacts of urban environments with Dr Emily Flies.


Quantum Physics

With Fabio Costa.


Can’t see the adaption for the trees

Plant adaptions in ecosystems with Dr Rebecca Jordan.


Can you engineer an organ?

Dr Jiao Jiao brings multiple areas together to create replacement organs.


Making the polymers of the future

Professor Drew Evans and his work with films and coatings.


Faster, Higher, Stronger

Explore Sports science and nutrition Associate Professor Kate Pumpa.


Recordings of our Shape Your Future webinars are also available on YouTube.


STELR (Science and Technology Education Leveraging Relevance) is a STEM education in schools initiative from ATSE — the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences & Engineering.

STELR taps into the high level of concern that most students have about global warming, climate change and sustainability.

STELR modules include equipment, curriculum resources for classrooms, and teacher support. Teachers can access professional learning sessions as well as online and telephone support. Students learn about heat transfer by convection, conduction, and radiation together with the thermal properties of matter by building a miniature sustainable house. In other modules, they can build wind turbines or solar installations while learning about electric circuits and the transfer and transformation of energy.

The project was established by Dr Alan Finkel AC FAA FTSE FAHMS, former ATSE President and former Chief Scientist of Australia. STELR is currently running in more than 850 schools in Australia, New Zealand and Asia, with more than 100,000 students and 1500 teachers involved each year.