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STEM career journeys with Australia’s STEM stars. 

Join us as we give students across Australia the chance to interact with the country’s brightest minds who are shaping the future through STEM. The series will showcase the diverse and dynamic journey’s that these inspiring individuals have taken in their career journeys.

2 May 2023 — Celebrating careers in respiratory health and STEM education (see details below)
20 June 2023 — People, Planet, Prosperity – How to save our world?

1 August 2023
12th September 2023 

31 October 2023
21st November 2023

2 May Tuesday

Celebrating careers in respiratory health and STEM education

ATSE’s STEM education initiative, STELR, brings together a panel of inspiring STEM pioneers on International Asthma Day.The discussion will showcase the journey of our STEM stars in education and respiratory health, and they will discuss their professional experiences, STEM insights, lessons they have learned along the way, and the breadth of skills they have developed. These discussions will invite students to visualise their potential to develop diverse skills that can lead to rewarding STEM careers. The session will be moderated by ATSE Fellow, academic, and industry leader Professor Katrina Falkner FTSE. The panel includes Suzie Urbaniak (Founder and CoRe Lead, CoRe Learning Foundation), Associate Professor Johnson George (Monash University) and Dr. Nadya Panagides (Post-Doctoral Researcher, University of Queensland).

Suzie Urbanaik
Associate Professor Johnson George
Dr. Nadya Panagides

Katrina Falkner FTSE

Suzie Urbanaik

Founder and CoRe Lead, CoRe Learning Foundation

Suzie was awarded the Prime Ministers’ Prize for Excellence in Science Teaching in 2016. She is passionate about ‘supporting today’s youth for tomorrow’s world’ and ensuring that students have diverse learning tasks. Their talents and capabilities shine, and their learning achievements are recognised as improvements and successes.

Associate Professor Johnson George

Associate Professor, Monash University

Dr. Johnson is a teaching & research academic at the Centre for Medicine Use and Safety, Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Monash University. He is renowned for expertise in interdisciplinary research in primary/secondary/tertiary settings and translating high quality evidence from clinical trials and systematic reviews into real world clinical practice.

Dr. Nadya Panagides

University of Queensland

Dr Nadya is an early career research scientist investigating the role of the complement system in cancer, investigating the cellular mechanisms of anti-inflammatory drugs that limit cancer growth. In her spare time, Nadya enjoys science communication and co-hosted Natural Reaction, a STEM-based radio show (now a podcast) on 4zzz community radio.

Katrina Falkner FTSE

Executive Dean, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology, University of Adelaide

Professor Katrina Falkner is a top 100 innovator completely transforming computer science education. Her work directly addresses inequities in access to technology, helping to build a fairer Australia.  Her wildly successful computer science ‘massive open online course’ (MOOC) shows teachers how computer science works and highlights its importance for children’s futures.