Supporting STEM in schools

23 July 2021

STELR science kits in schools

Above left to right: STELR’s sustainable housing kit, wind energy kit and solar car kit

The Academy of Technology and Engineering is proud to announce that in the past financial year it has helped 48 schools around Australia with limited funds gain access to high quality STEM teaching resources.

ATSE’s school education program STELR (Science and Technology Education Leveraging Relevance) produces a range of curriculum modules, supported by Australian-designed  kits, to facilitate hands-on, inquiry-based learning and foster a passion for STEM.

Last financial year, 25 per cent of STELR kit sales were able to be subsidised because of the generous support of corporate partners, grant programs and donations.

Schools who are benefiting from the program are in every state and territory of Australia, including a significant number from remote and regional areas.

We would like to thank the following partners:

Australian Power Institute, supporting the API Solar Car Challenge

Australian School Canteen Association

Baxter Charitable Foundation, through the Perpetual IMPACT Philanthropy Program

CIGRE Australia

James N Kirby Foundation




ATSE NSW Division



For further information about supporting schools through the STELR program, please email