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Supporting STEM-skilled jobs and innovation

September 15 2020

The Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE) has used its pre-budget submission to urge the Government to leverage its past investments in our educated workforce and continue to develop advanced industry in Australia.

Investment in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) capability will increase Australia’s ability to address major challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic, support critical national capabilities, and create future growth industries and jobs.

ATSE’s President, Professor Hugh Bradlow, said that directing such investments towards greater economic and environmental sustainability will build Australia’s resilience and unlock the full potential of our future workforce, along with retraining job-seekers and promoting diversity and inclusion in technology development.

“Investment in responsible technological solutions for agile and responsive modern manufacturing and supply chains, clean energy, integrated digital healthcare, and advanced data collection and analytics will provide more reliable and better equity of access to goods, services and utilities, as well as creating jobs in Australia,” Professor Bradlow said.

“For example, investment in digitising and applying industry 4.0 principles will support a rapid evolution in manufacturing, enhance Australia’s sovereign capability, and enhance our capacity to respond quickly as new needs emerge.

“Government also has an opportunity to fast-track Australia’s transformation to a world-leading clean energy economy, by supporting the development of low emissions energy technology. Thousands of jobs could be created in sectors and regions hit hardest by the COVID-19 downturn.

“Underpinning all of these innovations it will be critical to support Australia’s research sector, and the commercial translation of research and development.”

R&D is an essential driver of Australia’s economic growth and international competitiveness, and well-targeted R&D leverages economic, environmental and social benefits well beyond the capacity of the original investment.

ATSE’s Budget Submission provides recommendations for targeted Government investment in building Australia’s responsive and agile sovereign industry, and growing jobs for the future.

ATSE stands ready to support the Australian Government’s STEM jobs agenda by:

  • Increasing uptake of STEM careers and creating career pathways for STEM graduates
  • Fostering successful collaborations between industry and research to create jobs and grow Australia’s innovation economy
  • Provide expert timely advice on applied science, technology and engineering.

“This budget is an opportunity to focus Government investment on an integrated post-pandemic technology boom that opens new pathways to build Australian health, wealth, resilience and wellbeing.”

Budget Submission

Detailed information on ATSE’s budget submission.

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