Presented by the VIC Division

Towards Solar Fuels — Hydrogen and Ammonia

This presentation was recorded on Thursday 1 July 2021. 

Fellows and guests were invited to join Professor Doug MacFarlane FTSE FAA for an engaging talk on the path to a zero net carbon future with solar produced fuels, hosted by ATSE’s Victorian Division.

In current discussions of new industries for Australia and a path to a zero net carbon future, “green hydrogen” – producing hydrogen fuel using renewable energy – features prominently.  The dream is capturing Australia’s abundant but variable renewable resources – wind and sunshine – in a storable and transportable (and exportable) form.  What does it involve?  How can it be done?  Is it feasible?  How can it be used?  Are there any other similar fuels? Ammonia? This talk will open up a discussion of the concepts, the issues and the possible solutions.

More information can be found on the original Towards Solar Fuels event page.