Prime Minister's Science Prizes

Two ATSE Fellows celebrated as Prime Minister’s Prize winners for Innovation 

21 November 2022

Two ATSE Fellows celebrated as Prime Minister’s Prize winners for Innovation 

Two ATSE Fellows have been awarded the prestigious Prime Minister’s Prize for Innovation at the Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science award ceremony this evening. 

The Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science are Australia’s most prestigious awards for outstanding achievements in scientific research, research-based innovation, and excellence in science teaching. 

Adjunct Professor Alison Todd FTSE and Dr Elisa Mokany, co-founders of SpeeDx, have received a Prize for Innovation for their work to successfully commercialise molecular diagnostics technology, which has the ability to fight the escalating global crisis of antimicrobial resistance. 

SpeeDx, is focused on improving healthcare around the world, from developing diagnostic tools for infectious diseases or cancer and helping doctors select the right therapy for individual patients to developing fast COVID-19 tests.  

Professor Todd’s passion for inventing faster, simpler, more cost-effective technology for molecular analysis has opened the door for personalising medicine. therapy. 

Commercialisation of her research has produced diagnostic tests for infectious diseases which combine detection of pathogens with determination of antibiotic susceptibility. 

Use of these tests supports “Resistance Guided Therapy”, allowing clinicians to treat patients with appropriate antibiotics, which in turn increases the cure rate and reduces the risk of further transmission of antibiotic-resistant infections. 

Dr Nick Cutmore FTSE also receiveds an Innovation Prize for the development and commercialisation of a unique technology to measure gold levels in mineral ore.   

Dr Cutmore is a key part of the Photon Assay Team for breakthrough innovation of PhotonAssay technology delivering rapid, safe and accurate analysis of gold and other precious metals in mining applications. 

Dr Cutmore and his team have produced a more efficient, accurate and environmentally friendly replacement for measuring gold levels in mineral ore and developed a new Australian company, Chrysos Corporation, which is now employing over 30 people. 

ATSE congratulates Dr Todd, Dr Cutmore, and all the distinguished recipients of the 2022 Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science.