Nanocomposites structural engineer

Professor Wenhui Duan FTSE

Wenhui DUAN

Professor Wenhui Duan FTSE

Professor Wenhui Duan is a structural engineer building a more sustainable and liveable Australia by using the science of the ultra-small to transform construction materials.

Nanocomposites contain materials with dimensions in the nanometre range, giving them unprecedented flexibility, strength and other superior physical properties. Wenhui helped create and now leads the Nanocomm Hub, one of Australia’s top university-industry transformation hubs, dedicated to advancing construction materials through nanoscience.

Its work has delivered startling innovations in the development and manufacture of sustainable materials and structures resulting in millions in revenue and tangible environmental benefits.

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Nanocomposites structural engineer

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ARC Nanocomm Hub, Monash University

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Professor Wenhui Duan was elected a Fellow of the Academy in 2021.

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