Issue 206: Winds of Change – Australia’s energy future

In this issue, explore insights into Australia’s energy future from Fellows who are experts in the sector.

Focus issue 206 April 2018

Australia’s energy future

INTERVIEW: Michelle Simmons on Australia’s tech future and her illustrious career

By Anthea Batsakis
The 2018 Australian of the year overcame humble beginnings to become a world leader in her field.

Australia can be a leader in energy storage

By Bruce Godfrey
The future of renewable energy storage in Australia and how we can take advantage of our natural resources.

How to transform our energy productivity

By Jonathan Jutsen
Tracking the value chain exposes just how inefficient our energy use it. Here is how we can boost our energy productivity.

Change policies, not the climate

By Wendy Craik
Australia has endured years of shifting policy when it comes to the energy sector. To transition into renewable energy, policies must be stable, certain and climate change-aware.

Is Australia serious about climate change?

By Lorraine Stephenson
Australia must embrace new technologies to effectively reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

The people-powered grid

By Lachlan Blackhall
How empowered electricity customers are transforming Australia’s electricity supply and management systems.

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