Engineering infrastructure leader

Professor Xiao Lin Zhao FTSE

Xiao Lin Zhao

Professor Xiao Lin Zhao FTSE

Professor Xiao Lin Zhao is known internationally for his work improving the resilience and safety of engineered structures.

He is a leader in rehabilitating existing steel structures using advanced composite materials and has also provided sustained international leadership in the development and construction of steel and hybrid tubular structures.

Xiao-Lin leads research into sustainable alternatives to cement, the world’s single biggest industrial cause of carbon pollution, including work on geopolymer concrete utilising seawater, sea sand, recycled aggregate and industrial waste such as slag and fly ash.

He has several prestigious international fellowships and has received 25 Australian Research Council grants.

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Engineering, materials science

ATSE Division

Role and organisation (at time of election)
Associate Dean (International)
Faculty of Engineering
UNSW Sydney

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Professor Xiao Lin Zhao FTSE was elected a Fellow of the Academy in 2021.

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