ATSE’s Budget Priority – STEM skilled jobs and industry-research collaboration

ATSE provides a set of specific recommendations for the 2020-21 budget, and a set of broader recommendations for targeted Government investment in building Australia’s responsive and agile sovereign industry, and growing jobs for the future.

ATSE stands ready to support the Australian Government’s STEM jobs agenda by:

  • Increasing uptake of STEM careers and creating career pathways for STEM graduates
  • Fostering successful collaborations between industry and research to create jobs and grow Australia’s innovation economy
  • Provide expert timely advice on applied science, technology and engineering.

With Government investment, ATSE proposes to:

  • Create 2000 industry internships over four years
  • Launch a digital tool to support industry-research engagement
  • Expand our capacity to provide timely expert advice to Government, particularly in new industries and technologies.