Submission to Productivity Commission

ATSE Submission on 5 Year Productivity Inquiry: Innovation for the 98%

ATSE welcomes the opportunity to respond to the Productivity Commission’s consultation on Australia’s 5-year Productivity Inquiry, Interim Report 3. To support the measurement and uptake of innovation diffusion in Australian businesses, ATSE recommends:

Recommendation 1: Utilise more comprehensive metrics and scorecards to capture innovation activity.

Recommendation 2: Establish a definition for SMEs, in line with international definitions, for the purpose of international comparisons of innovation activity.

Recommendation 3: Invest in workplace learning incentives for businesses to develop and deliver training for priority areas such as digital skills.

Recommendation 4: Continue to support and fund collaborations between university researchers and industry.

Recommendation 5: Incentivise industry to invest in research and development, including through a collaborative premium on the R&D tax incentiveand help manage the risk in the research and development process.