Submission to the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Digital Technology Taskforce

ATSE Submission on Automated Decision Making and AI Regulation Consultation

ATSE welcomes the opportunity to respond to the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Digital Technology Taskforce’s consultation on Positioning Australia as a leader in digital economy regulation – Automated Decision Making and AI Regulation. 

ATSE has previously contributed to the consultation on Australia’s Artificial Intelligence Action Plan (Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering, 2020). 

This submission proposes solutions for developing Australian capabilities and public trust in Automated Decision Making (ADM) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). In particular, it is recommended to: 

1. Regulate the use of data sets in AI and ADM development, including its availability, transparency, validation, and diversity, 

2. Introduce compulsory accountability and transparency requirements for government agencies utilising ADM, 

3. Increase public investment in research and development to secure future AI and ADM innovation, 

4. Invest in high-speed internet, including in rural and regional areas, as supporting infrastructure for AI and ADM, 

5. Implement programs to increase the size of the digitally skilled workforce, and 

6. Create policies and initiatives to increase employment and retention of underrepresented groups in the AI workforce.