Submission to Attorney-General’s Department

ATSE Submission on Respect@Work – Consultation on Remaining Legislative Recommendations

ATSE welcomes the opportunity to respond to the consultation on the six remaining legislative recommendations on the Respect@Work report. ATSE believes that all recommendations of the Respect@Work report should be implemented in full. This would support the STEM sector to create more inclusive workplaces and address barriers to women’s workforce participation and advancement.

It is acknowledged that while all genders may experience workplace sexual harassment, it is overwhelmingly women who experience sexual violence including harassment. ATSE’s work on the Women in STEM Decadal Plan, together with the Australian Academy of Science, identified the need to address workplace harassment in order to create safe and inclusive STEM workplaces.

ATSE’s submission focuses on how workplaces can be supported to meet their positive duty obligations that will be created by the Respect@Work legislative recommendations.

  • Creating inclusive STEM workplaces
  • Assisting workplaces to meet their positive duty obligations
  • Embedding procedural fairness