Submission to the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources

ATSE Submission to National Quantum Strategy Consultation



ATSE welcomes the opportunity to make a submission to the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources’ consultation on the National Quantum Strategy development. 

Australia has an opportunity to leverage its existing quantum strengths for future advances in computing capacity and data encryption. This submission considers four essential pillars to grow the Australian quantum industry: basic research, infrastructure, talent, and business activity.

To strengthen these four interrelated aspects and position the National Quantum Strategy for success, ATSE recommends that it includes: 

  1. Establish a comprehensive research funding strategy to support the development of fundamental knowledge in quantum computing and related areas of national priority.
  2. Embed research output and quality (appropriately and accurately assessed) as a measure of success. Ensure that success measures are accurate and unbiased.
  3. Include a plan for equitable access to and use of existing major research facilities.
  4. Build the future quantum workforce by supporting and delivering programs that encourage school students’ capability in and excitement for STEM careers.
  5. Support development of the STEM teaching workforce through discipline-based degrees, supporting existing teachers to upskill and providing incentives to attract and retain new STEM teachers.
  6. Restore per-student funding levels for university science and engineering subjects, reversing the reduction applied under ‘Job-ready Graduates’.
  7. Invest in international quantum talent acquisition to scale-up and diversify Australia’s quantum workforce and knowledge.
  8. Support the existing workforce to upskill in quantum technologies.
  9. Support public partnerships with industry through the Higher Education Research Commercialisation (HERC) scheme, including a proposed Intellectual Property registry for university-industry partnerships.
  10. Modify the “patent box” scheme to lower the tax rate for quantum technology development, encouraging businesses to invest.
  11. Embed in the Strategy diversity and inclusion resources and programs for quantum-focused businesses.