Draft National Preventive Health Strategy

Health technology


Draft National Preventive Health Strategy

Published April 2021

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The Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE) supports the vision and aims of the National Preventive Health Strategy, which is a comprehensive roadmap for preventive health for the next ten years.

ATSE has been a strong advocate for a system-wide, evidence-based approach to supporting equitable good health, and provided recommendations for government, industry and research to that effect in our major report on technology readiness in Australia’s health sector A New Prescription: Preparing for a Healthcare Transformation in 2020.

The report provided a roadmap to shift Australia’s healthcare system towards a focus on prevention and wellness, enabled by
technology. The most critical priority is the digitisation of health records, which underpin the technology solutions identified by ATSE.

Embracing new technologies will also be vital in ensuring that the benefits of a wellness system are available in regional areas and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, and to disadvantaged people in urban communities. Barriers to equitable outcomes include distance, communication difficulties, financial resources, education levels, accessibility, and  shortages of healthcare workers. Mobile and telehealth services can easily and inexpensively help Australians overcome these obstacles and access the best available care in a timely way.