MRFF Australian Medical Research and Innovation Strategy and Priorities consultation

The COVID-19 pandemic has had wide-ranging direct and indirect implications for society and for the health and medical sector. ATSE recommends that the new Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) Strategy and Priorities invest in significant innovation in areas where it can deliver the best value for improving the health of Australians. 

ATSE has recommended a number of changes to the Strategy and Priorities to address critical current and future issues and factors, including the health impacts of climate change, digital transformation and resilience of health services and systems, and the health of underrepresented populations.     

The recommendations are underpinned by ATSE’s report on technology readiness, A New Prescription. The report analyses and provides pathways for a digitally-supported shift in focus towards prevention and wellness, particularly supported by rapid expansion of electronic health records; improved access through telemedicine and remote technology; retraining and upskilling the healthcare workforce; and targeted translation and commercialisation of research to deliver better patient outcomes.