A joint submission with the Australian Academy of Science

National Water Reform Issues Paper



National Water Reform Issues Paper

Published September 2020

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The Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE)1 and the Australian Academy of Science (AAS) recognise that water is essential to Australia’s national prosperity. Both Academies have previously provided expert advice on water, including assessments of Australia’s National Water Initiative (NWI) 2004.2

The message has been consistent: a long term, strategic, national approach to water management and a regular, transparent process of measuring compliance and progress of reforms are essential to success. Water will always be scarce in Australia, and the challenges of managing it efficiently are only increasing along with the risks.

This submission builds on previous positions, focusing on the principles to guide a renewed NWI, underpin investment, and encourage water reform in Australia. Particularly, it addresses the question of which principles should be included in the framework to encourage governments to provide the means and solutions to address identified issues.

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