ATSE AI Vision Statement

Strategic investment in Australia’s artificial intelligence capacity

AI is a transformational technology with a wide range of applications for almost every industry — from agriculture, to manufacturing, to education. It has a profound and increasing impact on the foundations of society, affecting industry, geopolitics, economies, job markets and democratic values.

To keep pace with this influential and rapidly changing technology, it is critical that Australia’s national AI plan is bold and shows an ambition to lead a transformative step-change, drive national competitive advantage, ensure security, and seize game changing opportunities.

ATSE proposes a vision in which a plan for fundamental AI research is developed to compliment the recently launched National Artificial Intelligence Centre. This will build on the National Artificial Intelligence Action Plan and advance Australia’s sovereign AI capabilities, develop STEM skills and talent, and ensure Australia’s worldwide competitiveness in our increasingly digital future.


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AI Article from ATSE’s IMPACT magazine

How AI is empowering us

Professor Mike Miller AO FTSE* — Telecommunications researcher
Distinguished Prof Mary-Anne Williams FTSE — Data scientist
Professor Anton van den Hengel FTSE — Australian Institute for Machine Learning
Professor Glenn Wightwick FTSE — Systems engineer
Dr Jackie Craig FTSE — Defence researcher
Dr Oliver Mayo FAA FTSE — Evolutionary geneticist
Professor Shazia Sadiq FTSE — Computer scientist
Professor Svetha Venkatesh FTSE — Computer scientist
Distinguished Professor Fang Chen — Data scientist
Dr Paul Dalby — Australian Institute for Machine Learning