Responsive data collection needed to improve regional water management

Technologies for water management


Discussion Paper

Technologies for water management

Published September 2022

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Emerging data collection technologies can help manage water challenges in real time and mitigate the worst effects of drought, flood, and shifting water patterns, the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE) said today.

Australia’s inland water is being impacted by climate change. The 2022 State of the Environment report found that pressures of climate, development and management, and the resulting state and trends of surface waters, groundwater, water quality, ecological processes and species populations have deteriorated.

It’s critical that water resource managers adopt an agile, evidence-based approach by considering cultural and environmental impacts that respond to future hydroclimatic conditions.

A report by the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering entitled: Technologies for Water Management has found that emerging technologies for data collection must harness contextual, real-time data to ensure farmers, local councils, Traditional Custodians and other water resource managers can make more evidence-based water management decisions.

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