International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences

ATSE is an active, founding member of CAETS.

The International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences (CAETS) consists of the national engineering Academies from around the world.


Through CAETS, Academies around the world collaborate on technology-related issues of global significance and maintain strong bilateral relations.


CAETS 2025

ATSE will host the other thirty-one members of the CAETS network for the 2025 CAETS annual conference.

ATSE has the privilege of serving on the board of CAETS in 2024, before holding the presidency in 2025.

This provides a significant opportunity for the Academy to showcase Australia’s Science and Technology Capabilities to a slew of international partners, in conjunction to communicating issues of national priority.


Generations is the theme for the 2025 CAETS conference, which will bring together exceptional leaders in technology, engineering and applied science from around the world - a special event that looks back to move forward.


CAETS Communication Prize

Mikaela Jade selected as Australia’s CAETS Communication Prize finalist

Congratulations to Mikaela Jade FTSE, CEO of Indigital, for being selected as Australia’s lead entrant into the international Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Science (CAETS) Communication Prize.

The Indigital video showcases the way they are using digital technologies to learn Indigenous heritage, and the use of First Nations culture to teach digital skills. The CAETS Communication Prize aims to highlight examples of engineering and technological science innovation addressing major challenges in our society.

Indigital aims to create a culturally-inclusive digital future for all. They are building digital skills and cultural connection through a number of student and teacher-focused programs for schools. ATSE is excited to be putting forward this example of Traditional Knowledge to represent Australian technological science and engineering innovation on the world stage.

Professor Guan Yeoh’s video introducing the fire-resistant paint he and his team developed has also been selected as an Australian entrant in the Prize. The FSA Firecoat paint is the world’s leading paint providing extreme fire protection, helping to safeguard homes and buildings at risk from bushfires.