Electricity and energy

STELR electricity and energy workbooks and equipment kits enable students to investigate electricity and electric circuits, and to the generate electricity using wind turbines and solar panels.

STELR electricity and energy helps students to understand energy and circuits.

STELR electricity and energy is designed for teaching the basics of electric circuits, energy transfer and energy transformation. It is particularly suited for teaching the electric circuits content of the Australian Curriculum – Science and Science Inquiry Skills at the same level.


The activities allow students to:

  • investigate types of energy;
  • learn how energy can be transferred from place to place;
  • learn how energy can be transformed from one type to another;
  • construct and test simple circuits using batteries, switches and a variety of devices;
  • connect lamps in series and parallel;
  • investigate whether materials are electrical conductors or insulators;
  • explore energy sources such as  wind, solar and hydroelectricity
  • consider whether energy resources are sustainable.
  • find out about careers in the renewable energy industry.

The STELR electricity and energy module is designed to be used as a 6-8 week course.



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Electricity and energy equipment


STELR energy and electricity equipment was designed and developed in Australia exclusively for STELR and is robust, simple and easy to use. 

The equipment provides a range of resources associated with electric circuits, energy transformations, wind turbines and generating electricity to explore in your classroom.

This kit provides all the equipment needed to complete the energy and electricity investigations provided in our module workbooks or be engaged with on its own. 

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STELR Electricity Energy Kit Parts 2


STR Four Female Students Electricity And Energy Kit


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