Renewable energy

Harnesses students’ interest in climate change and energy costs. This inquiry-based module engages and challenges both students and teachers.

STELR renewable energy engages students in learning about energy and sustainability.

It uses the theme of renewable energy to harness students’ interest in and concern about climate change and rising energy costs. The inquiry-based learning program engages and challenges both students and teachers. 

Student & teacher books

The STELR renewable energy teacher and student books are available in hard copy and soft copy. The student books are designed to be kept by students who write in them as they complete the unit. 

Hard copies can be purchased from us using the STELR renewable energy order form. The books are also available in soft copy on the STELR Renewable Energy USB, or you can download them as PDFs

Mathematics of Solar Panels
As well as teacher and student booklets, we also provide a mathematics workbook. The Mathematics of Solar Panels is a resource that includes activities related to the positioning of solar panels, the position of the Sun in the sky at different latitudes and longitudes and in different seasons; compass bearings, time zones and measuring angles.

Other curriculum books
When the renewable energy program was developed, it contained an array of curriculum materials including the chemistry of batteries; carbon dioxide and ocean acidification; fossil fuels and biofuels and batteries.  These books are also provided for you below:


Download the teacher and student workbooks as PDFs


Renewable energy equipment

STELR renewable energy equipment was designed and developed in Australia exclusively for STELR and is robust, simple and easy to use. 

The STELR Renewable Energy equipment provides a range of resources associated with wind, solar and hydro renewable energy sources to explore in your classroom.

This kit provides all the equipment needed to complete the Renewable Energy investigations provided in our module workbooks or be engaged with on its own. There are both student and teacher equipment kits available, as well as hard-copy teacher resources and student workbooks to support student learning.


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Solar Cars And Hands
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