Sensing sound

Learn about sound energy and transfer through hands-on activities which explore how sound can be detected and used.

Sensing sound uses health and the human body to show students that STEM is relevant to their lives.

Sensing sound focuses on sound energy and its transfer. The activities included on the STELR sensing sound curriculum materials allow students to investigate:

  • the physics of sound: source
  • the physics of sound: travel
  • the biology of hearing
  • how well do you hear
  • careers in related fields.

Sensing Sound is designed to be a 6-8 week course. Teachers are encouraged to modify the number or complexity of the activities to suit the needs of your students.

Curriculum materials for sensing sound are related to the STELR future health resources, which are available to download here.


Download the teacher and student workbooks as PDFs


Three Student With Wind Turbine
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Solar Cars And Hands
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