Wind energy

With our STELR wind energy module, students learn about creating a renewable energy source using wind.

STELR wind energy shows students how to harness wind for clean renewable energy.

The module uses the theme of renewable energy to harness students’ interest in and concern about climate change and rising energy costs.

The inquiry-based and hands-on learning program engages and challenges both students and teachers. Career profiles encourage students to understand the use and influence of science.

The wind energy resource includes class sets of purpose-designed and built equipment as well as curriculum materials available in soft copy.

The resource maps to the Australian Curriculum Science, primarily at Year 8, but can be modified for use from year 6 though to senior secondary levels.

The STELR wind energy module was developed from the broader STELR renewable energy module.

The activities included in the STELR wind energy curriculum materials allow students to:

  • discuss climate change causes and effects,
  • find out about types of energy and how energy can be transferred from place to place and transformed from one type to another
  • investigate energy resources both renewable and non-renewable
  • find out about energy conservation and efficiency
  • investigate batteries and electric circuits,
  • study wind turbines using inquiry-based hands-on activities,
  • design and run investigations to answer their own inquiry questions
  • find out about careers in the renewable energy industry

The STELR wind energy module is designed to be a 4-6 week course.


Download the teacher and student workbooks as PDFs


Wind energy equipment


STELR wind energy equipment was designed and developed in Australia exclusively for STELR and is robust, simple and easy to use. 

The equipment provides a range of resources associated with wind turbines to explore in your classroom.

The STELR wind energy equipment has resources to use in your classroom. This kit provides all the equipment needed to complete the wind energy investigations provided in our module workbook or be engaged with on its own. 

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One Female Student With Wind Enrgy Kit Set Up
Two Students And Turbine Blades
Two Female Students And Turbine Blades
Solar Cars And Hands
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