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The STELR YouTube channel hosts instruction videos for our equipment plus other content to inspire young people to pursue a career in STEM.


Solar panel

> How to use the solar cells
Use the STELR solar cell panel and the lamps to generate electricity.

> Connecting the solar cells in series and parallel
Understand how to connect the solar cells in series.

> Measuring power from the solar panel
Measure the power from a solar panel connected in series.


Renewable energy testing station

Features of the renewable energy testing station
Explore the key features of theSTELR renewable energy test rig.

> Using the STELR pelton wheel
A video showing how to use the STELR pelton wheel to demonstrate hydro-electricity.


Energy toys

> How to make a ‘cotton reel car’
Use a rubber band and the cotton reels supplied in the STELR renewable energy equipment kit to demonstrate energy transformations.

> How to make a ‘flik flak’
Make a jumping ‘flik flak’ using a plastic card and a rubber band.

> How to use the ‘jumping cups’
Demonstrate energy transfers and transformations using the jumping cups supplied in the STELR renewable energy and electricity and energy equipment kits.


Wind energy

> Setting up the wind turbine to generate electricity

Set up the wind turbine to generate electricity and light a lamp in the STELR test station.

> Measuring the power output from the STELR wind turbine

Use two multimeters, one as an ammeter and one as a voltmeter, to measure the power produces by the wind turbine.
> Measuring blade angle for the STELR wind turbine

Measure the blade angle.

Investigations with wind energy

> Part 1: Best blade angle

> Part 2: Best blade length

> Part 3: Best number of blades



Sustainable housing

> STELR sustainable housing – insulation

Find the best type of insulation to use in a house.

> STELR sustainable housing – windows

Understand how can you choose windows to make your house energy efficient.

> STELR sustainable housing - wall colours

Explore how the colour you choose to paint the exterior walls can make your house energy efficient.


Support and spare parts

Spare parts, including additional measuring devices can be purchased from us. Please contact us if you need any spare parts or support at:




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Three Student With Wind Turbine
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