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Shape Your Future webinars

We bring together the brightest Australian scientists, technologists and engineers for a live chat with students around the country.

With talks spanning the future of the Great Barrier reef to the formation of the cosmos, there’s something for every aspiring young STEM champion. The series showcases the diverse and dynamic journeys that these inspiring individuals have taken in their careers.

Most webinars are recorded and are about 45 minutes.
Links to the rest of the past recordings will be available soon.


26 July — Live long and healthy
4 August — Improving health digitally
9 August — Is your city affecting your health?
11 August — Quantum Physics
18 August — Can’t see the adaptation for the trees?
23 August — Can you engineer an organ?
1 September — Making the polymers of the future
6 September — Faster, Higher, Stronger


STEM Beyond School

Our Free Teacher Professional Development Series

We are opening up STEM laboratories and industry sights across Australia for teachers to tour with STEM industry experts. Learn about the latest trends in STEM, and understand the most current knowledge and skills students will need outside of the classroom.

This free professional development series is designed to support teachers in remaining current with industry and academic trends in STEM, so that your students are as prepared as they can be for the next stage in their career journey.


Picture of Helen Mayo North building, University of Adelaide
STEM Beyond School - South Australia

STEM teachers and educators are invited to the Bioprocessing at the School of Chemical Engineering.

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STEM education
STEM Beyond School


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