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Continued advocacy for research collaboration, translation, and commercialisation for health technologies has the potential to transform Australia’s healthcare sector.

Innovative technologies can play a major role in reducing healthcare costs, improving patient outcomes, and building a strong Australian industry base. 

ATSE’s Health Technology Forum explores how technology is helping progress the healthcare sector towards a more sustainable and resilient future. The Forum contains experts in medical science, medical technologies, health governance and administration and medical manufacturing.  The Forum is current working on projects relating to anti-microbial resistance, research translation and digital health technologies. 


Curbing antimicrobial resistance

Through research and consultation with multi-disciplinary experts, this report has identified the key challenges and opportunities for Australia to improve prevention, detection, diagnosis, and response to drug-resistant infections and reduce the impacts of antimicrobial resistance.

Health technology
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Oct 2023
Submission to the Understanding our RNA Potential consultation

Australia has a notable opportunity in biotechnology, with ribonucleic acid (RNA) therapies and technologies primarily in the research phase, focusing on vaccines, protein therapies, cancer treatment and biopesticides.

Health technology
Medical research
HP Card Health
Apr 2020
A new prescription — preparing for a healthcare transformation

New health technologies that are desperately needed as the world responds to rapidly changing conditions

Health technology
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Aug 2023
Submission on the National Health and Climate Strategy Consultation

As extreme weather events become more common, there is an urgent need to protect the health and wellbeing of Australians from the consequences of climate change.

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Health technology
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May 2024
AI for health and social good

Hear from Professor Joanna Batstone FTSE and Professor Karin Verspoor as they explore how AI and data science support health policy, research, clinical practice and equality and equity outcomes.

Health technology
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Jun 2023
Transforming hearing health

Dr Elaine Saunders FTSE is an entrepreneur, businesswoman, author, inventor, a supporter of women in STEM, an advocate for Australian innovation and a trusted adviser on a range of advisory panels to government, industry and academia.

Health technology
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Jul 2023
Submission on Improving Alignment and Coordination Between the Medical Research Future Fund and Medical Research Endowment Account

The reform offers Australia the opportunity to determine how health and medical research can better fit the nation’s needs now and into the future.

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