John Gunn
John Gunn FTSE Chair - Marine Bioproducts CRC ; National Marine Science Committee ; Integrated Marine Observing System Governing Board
Over a 40y career as an applied scientist, organisational leader and in Governance positions, I have been committed to ensuring the best scientific advice is available, communicated, trusted and used to tackle ocean sustainable development local, national and international scales. I have advised Commonwealth and State ministers/governments and worked at the interface between R&D and industry throughout my career. This has included Board and Advisory Committee roles on National science and research policy, climate change, Great Barrier Reef policy and regulation, UNESCO's Global Ocean Observing System, national and international fisheries management, and Antarctic research.

Fellow status Elected 2014 Division TAS
Fellowship Affiliations Classification Industry Sector Expertise 254 - Marine science

Mr Gunn is CEO of AIMS, with 34 years of achievement in marine science supporting policy development, R&D, management and the sustainable development of marine industries, especially fisheries. His expertise has been recognised in his appointment to many national and international science committees, review panels and boards.