New Fellows 2023

ATSE's new Fellows elected in 2023

New ATSE Fellows for 2023

ATSE’s key strength is its Fellows’ deep knowledge, expertise and experience in science, technology and engineering and drawn from academia, government policy, industry/business and publicly funded research agencies. Ensuring we elect the best minds to ATSE is vital for our sustained expertise, quality of advice, effectiveness, and ultimate impact.

ATSE's new Fellows at the National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, Wednesday 25 October 2023.

STANDING  left > right: Dr Therese Flapper FTSE, Professor Chamindie Punyadeera FTSE, Professor Tuan Ngo FTSE, Distinguished Professor Vivian Tam FTSE, Professor Susanne Hermesch FTSE, Professor David Grayden FTSE, Lara Olsen FTSE, Professor Guillaume Lessene FTSE, Sally-Ann Williams FTSE, Professor David Taubman FTSE, Dr Susannah Eliott FTSE, Professor Graham Nathan FTSE, Professor Yun Liu FTSE, Professor Yue Gao FTSE, Professor Anna Giacomini FTSE, Professor Baohua Jia FTSE.

SEATED left > right: Adjunct Professor Daniel Lambert FTSE, Jane MacMaster FTSE, Professor Joanna Batstone FTSE, Professor Zaiping Guo FTSE FAA, Professor Bronwyn Gillanders FTSE, Professor Christopher Matthews FTSE, Dr Alistair Hobday FTSE.

ABSENT from photo: Professor Stephen Foster FTSE , Mikaela Jade FTSE, Su McCluskey FTSE, Professor Anna Moore FTSE, Dr Glenn Platt FTSE, Professor Brian Schmidt AC FTSE FAA FRS, Dr Penny Stewart FTSE, Daniel Westerman FTSE, Professor Sandra Eades AO FTSE FASSA FAHMS, Dr Sangeeta Bhatia FTSE