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IMNIS Engage industry mentoring

1 June 2023

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IMNIS Engage partners motivated PhD students and early-career researchers (Mentees) in STEM with influential, high level industry leaders (Mentors) in a one year mentoring and professional development program.

ATSE’s IMNIS Engage program is an inclusive, all-of-STEM program that engages with the entire STEM ecosystem. The scope of IMNIS Engage provides increased opportunities for participation across all science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. There will also be respect for Indigenous Knowledges in STEM.

Inclusive of all STEM disciplines with ATSE’s priority areas encouraged: health, energy resources and renewables, minerals and METS, digital futures, advanced manufacturing, agriculture and water resources. Medical technologies, pharmaceuticals, energy and minerals will remain a core focus of IMNIS Engage.

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Mentee-Mentor Matching
Once lists of mentees have been received by IMNIS, mentee-mentor matching will commence. IMNIS matches mentors and mentees using Mentorloop based on the information they provide on enrolment into the program.

How does it work?
• Mentees will be mentored one-on-one by a Mentor who is an influential, senior-level industry professional
• Mentors and Mentees attend free state-level events and professional development activities organised and hosted by ATSE
• Mentors and Mentees receive ongoing support, connections and advice from ATSE’s STEM Careers team

Time commitment
Mentors and mentees are expected to commit to a regular one-hour meeting each month. Guidelines are provided to mentors and mentees, and state-level education and networking events are hosted by IMNIS Engage to facilitate broader networking and  peer-to-peer connections.

Mentoring with IMNIS

Becoming an IMNIS mentor opens the opportunity to support Australia’s future leaders and connect with your future workforce. By sharing your knowledge and expertise, you contribute to a stronger, innovative and skilled STEM workforce. Mentors also benefit from the opportunity to gain new perspectives and ideas from their mentees, and to connect with the broader sector through ATSE activities. 

Become an IMNIS Mentor – express your interest

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All IMNIS Engage mentees participate in and benefit from industry mentoring, professional development programs and networking events. Additionally, in partnership with industry growth centre MTPConnect, IMNIS Engage offers a cohort of competitively selected mentees further opportunities accelerate their professional development through targeted REDI programs to drive workforce growth in Australia. This partnership is powered by MTPConnect’s $32 million Researcher Exchange and Development within Industry (REDI) initiative made possible by the Medical Research Future Fund, providing industry experiences and skills development for early-stage researchers, clinicians and innovators to develop an industry-ready workforce keeping pace with the demands of a rapidly changing sector.

Within IMNIS Engage are three sub-programs including: REDI Connect; IMNIS International; and IMNIS Clinical. Mentees in each of the three sub-programs participate in tailored additional professional development sessions:

Three (3) workshops including: Project Management in STEM, Increasing your Influence through Social media, and Leadership Capability

Targeted REDI programs
Researcher Exchange and Development in Industry (REDI)

REDI Connect sessions will feature high-profile industry leaders from the high job growth potential fields including digital health, gene and cell therapy, and regenerative medicine. Ten 10 selected REDI mentees are undertaking research in STEM fields with high job-growth potential including digital health, gene and cell therapy, and regenerative medicine. REDI Connect mentees participate in additional professional development and networking opportunities through IMNIS Engage.

IMNIS International sessions will feature high-profile industry leaders based overseas. Five outstanding PhD students at the vanguard of innovation in health technologies, agriculture and renewable energy will meet high-calibre international experts, to develop their professional skills and networks, and boost their career trajectory. IMNIS International mentees will be better equipped to understand international trends and advances in applied science, technology and engineering, as well as the relationships between international, national or regional organisations and their impact on business practices and the regulatory environment globally.

IMNIS Clinical sessions will feature high-profile industry leaders and connect ten PhD student mentees at the forefront of clinical and health-tech-related research with high-calibre industry champion mentors. IMNIS Clinical will enable participants to better understand how medical protocols and products can be developed, evaluated, produced, and commercialised to facilitate translation of cutting-edge technologies from lab-bench to bedside.