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IMNIS Ignite is the ATSE’s (the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering) new postgraduate internship program.

It connects employers with industry-ready PhD students, graduates and early career-researchers who have completed the IMNIS Engage mentoring program through internship opportunities.  

IMNIS Ignite amplifies the impact of ATSE’s flagship industry engagement initiative, IMNIS Engage and creates clear pathways for STEM researchers and industry to connect, collaborate and foster innovation in Australia.   

The program has been designed as an opportunity for employers to leverage the increased knowledge, experience and skills of IMNIS alumni for their projects, collaborations, innovation and strategy. For IMNIS alumni this is an opportunity to explore the career opportunities available to them.

Hosting an intern 

IMNIS Ignite has been designed an opportunity for organisations operating all around Australia to fill skill gaps in their organisation, explore new ideas and attract highly-skilled and motivated PhD students and recent graduates, as well as early-career researchers.   

Internship candidates are researchers from all of STEM who have invested in their careers by partaking in one year of mentoring, professional development and cross-sector networking opportunities through IMNIS Engage. IMNIS alumni are ready to take the next step in their career journey and apply their skills and knowledge outside academia, learn new skills and support the goals of your organisation.  

Internship opportunities are welcome all year-round and are not limited to research-only projects.  If you are interested in becoming a host organisation and accessing our strong pool of candidates or have a project that could benefit from this program, we invite you to get in touch to discuss your needs.  

IMNIS IGNITE 2023 Prospectus

Become an intern 

Expressions of interest from IMNIS alumni to be considered to participate in IMNIS Ignite are now open. IMNIS Ignite provides an accessible entry point for STEM researchers interested in taking the next step in their career and gain new skills and knowledge. IMNIS Ignite matches suitable applicants with a host organisation to work on a project, relevant activities and gain exposure to the way different organisations and fields operate.  

Internships will be undertaken full-time during regular business hours (unless otherwise specified) under the guidance of a supervisor at a host organisation. The duration of the internship will be 3 or 6 months and interns receive a $10,000 stipend for a 3-month full-time internship.   

How does the application process work? 


Expressions of interest can be completed online using the IMNIS Ignite submission form.  The expression of interest is an opportunity to let us know more about you, your expertise, skills, motivation and the type of opportunities you are looking for. The IMNIS team will match your profile with suitable internship opportunities as they become available. Please note that completing an EOI does not guarantee an internship placement. 

IMNIS Ignite is currently open to IMNIS Engage alumni living in Australia, from all STEM disciplines, and who have full-working rights in Australia.  

Contact us if you would like to learn more about the internship program or how to kick-start your career journey with IMNIS.

Frequently asked questions — host organisations

How is this program different from other programs? 
IMNIS Ignite has been designed an opportunity for organisations operating all around Australia to fill skill gaps in their organisation, explore new ideas and attract highly skilled and motivated PhD students and recent graduates, as well as early-career researchers.  All internship applicants have a taken the time to invest in their career by completing a one-year industry mentoring program and gain skills that can support their transition outside academia.  Internships can be research-focused or have a more practical approach. Organisations can set the goals for the intern based on internal priorities. 

Who are the interns? 
Interns are PhD students, PhD graduates and early career researchers in STEM who have completed the IMNIS Engage mentoring program – our IMNIS Alumni.  

I am not in in the STEM sector, but I think my organisation would benefit from engaging a recent PhD graduate for a project. Can I host an intern?
Yes, if the internship opportunity allows the intern to apply their skills in new ways and helps them gain new skills and knowledge. Host organisations can connect with candidates with full working rights from all around Australia, from all of STEM disciplines and from different backgrounds and career stages for their internship projects.  

How can I become an internship host? 
If you are interested to host an intern at your organisation, please contact us at to discuss your needs, requirements and identify next steps. The IMNIS team will work to facilitate the process for you.  

Do I get to select the intern? 
Yes, the IMNIS team will take care of the recruitment and preliminary selection process and will present suitable candidates you can select from.  

What are the costs involved? 
You can find more details on the fees to host an intern in the IMNIS Ignite prospectus.  

Are the internships paid? 
Yes, interns receive a $10,000 stipend for a 3-month full time internship. The internship stipend is included in the fee charged to host organisations, and stipend payments are managed directly by ATSE.  

Can I host more than one intern at a time? 
Absolutely, we can facilitate multiple opportunities in your organisation.  

I am currently an IMNIS mentor, and I am interested in hosting past mentees. Can IMNIS Ignite facilitate the process? 
Of course, we are happy to facilitate the process and provide an easy way to connect with IMNIS alumni.  

Frequently asked questions — interns

 Who can apply as an intern? 
IMNIS Ignite is currently open to IMNIS Engage alumni living in Australia. Opportunities for non-alumni to participate in this program are not currently available. To participate in IMNIS Ignite you must be an Australian citizen, a permanent or temporary resident, or hold a visa that allows you to work full-time in Australia. Please be aware that some internships might have specific security clearance requirements and might only be available to Australian citizens.  Internships are open for alumni from all STEM disciplines and backgrounds.  

How long are the internships? 
Internships can be 3 or 6 months (full time), unless otherwise specified.  

Are internships paid? 
Yes, IMNIS Ignite interns will receive a $10,000 stipend for a 3-month full-time internship at their host organisation. The stipend will be paid by ATSE to the intern fortnightly. Please note that the stipend may be subject to tax.  

How can I find out about new internship opportunities? 
Create a profile in the expression of interest platform to apply and read more about the opportunities currently available. IMNIS alumni also receive email notifications when new opportunities are open.  

I have not completed the IMNIS Engage mentoring program, can I apply for an internship? 
Internship opportunities are only available for IMNIS alumni. If you are interested in joining the IMNIS Engage program as the first step in furthering your STEM journey, we recommend you reach out to your Research Office to discuss options to join the IMNIS program.  

Can I get visa sponsorship for my internship? 
ATSE and/or host organisations will not provide visa sponsorship for your internship. 

When is the ideal time to commence an internship? 
IMNIS Ignite internships are designed to be create stronger pathways into industry and may be most relevant for alumni who:   

  • Have submitted or are about to submit their thesis for examination 
  • Have recently graduated from their PhD 
  • Can commit to a full-time internship 

If you are currently enrolled in a PhD program, we strongly encourage you to liaise with your supervisor and graduate school to discuss your suitability to participate in the internship before submitting an EOI.  

If I am unsuccessful for an opportunity, will I still be considered for future opportunities? 
Yes, your application profile will remain active in our system and you will continue to be considered for future opportunities.  

If I relocate for the internship, will I receive financial support?
No, IMNIS is unable to provide financial support for interns relocating for internship opportunities.