Federal election 2019

STEM education

The future prosperity of Australia will depend on embracing new technology to address critical national challenges.

The Academy has identified six key priorities for an incoming federal government, where immediate action will result in significant benefit to Australia.

We will profile one priority a week through the campaign. This week’s priority is STEM education.

  • Ensure high-quality, discipline-specific teacher training in STEM subjects.
  • Phase out, as soon as feasible, the out-of-field teaching of STEM subjects in years 7 to 10.
  • Invest $20 million to enable all schools to have access to the Academy’s STELR (Science and Technology Education Leveraging Relevance) schools program, which has been demonstrated to increase the number of students undertaking senior STEM subjects via relevance-based, in-curriculum modules.
  • Prepare the workforce of the future for technology disruption by ensuring that school education encompasses both STEM and human disciplines and providing continuing education for those already in the workforce.

You can download all six of the Academy’s election priorities below.