Our Fellows are independent experts helping Australians understand and use technology to solve complex problems.

The new ATSE Fellows for 2023 were announced on Wednesday 11 October 2023.

The new ATSE Fellows will participate in an all day showcase at the National Portrait Gallery on 26 October. The theme for this year’s showcase is Breaking barriers: Realising Australia’s technological advantage.

ATSE new Fellows 2023

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There are currently almost 900 Fellows, drawn from academia, industry, government and research organisations. They include Chief Scientists, CEOs, Vice-Chancellors, heads of research institutes and many other eminent people.

New Fellows are elected by the Fellowship on the basis of a range of criteria, always ensuring that newcomers can contribute to the Academy’s mission of applying science, technology and engineering to solve the big issues facing our nation in a fast-changing world.

Membership is a highly competitive process.

To manage this situation the Academy has a meticulous, merit-based, peer review process conducted by Fellows who are the nation’s leaders in science, technology and engineering.

Election to ATSE

Fellows are drawn from eight main sectors:

  • Energy, Mining and Minerals Processing
  • Water and Environment
  • Information and Communications Technology
  • Materials and Emerging Technologies
  • Infrastructure
  • Biotechnology and Human Health
  • Primary Industries and Food Technology
  • Entrepreneurship, Service and Education


The Academy normally elects 25 Fellows and a Foreign Fellow. From time to time, the Board elects an Honorary Fellow. Fellows are elected in time to be welcomed at the Academy’s annual general meeting, usually in November each year. Only current Fellows can nominate candidates.

Our election process

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