IMNIS Alumni

A 2000-strong network of people who have completed IMNIS Engage, IMNIS Alumni receive access to exclusive opportunities for continuous professional development and networking.

Always part of the IMNIS network

Following completion of IMNIS Engage all participants become Alumni.

The IMNIS Alumni programs amplify the impacts of the mentoring program and contribute to a stronger and more diverse STEM sector by providing additional opportunities for its participants. The following opportunities are only available for those who have completed the IMNIS Engage mentoring program. If you are interested in joining IMNIS as a Mentee, please read our IMNIS Engage page to learn more.

IMNIS Catalyst

Ambassador program

IMNIS Catalyst is an ambassador program where IMNIS alumni represent the program and ATSE in the broader STEM ecosystem as they engage with schools, industry, and academia. 

The IMNIS Catalyst program is designed to support our emerging IMNIS leaders to gain experience in science communication and skills relevant to grow their leadership profile. IMNIS Catalysts are provided with tailored opportunities for professional development designed to:

  • Hone their STEM communication skills
  • Build a public profile  
  • Communicate with influence 
  • Develop their leadership voice

The program runs for 9 months. Applications open February-March of each year and are announced to IMNIS alumni via email.


Participating in the IMNIS Catalyst program has been an incredibly effective for honing my skills. Engaging with industry leaders, academia, and schools has provided me with diverse perspectives and invaluable networking opportunities.

Deepak Mallya, 2023 IMNIS Catalyst


IMNIS Ignite


IMNIS Ignite is ATSE’s postgraduate internship program. It connects employers with industry-ready PhD students, graduates and early career-researchers who have completed the IMNIS Engage mentoring program through internship opportunities. The program has been designed as an opportunity for employers to leverage the increased knowledge, experience, and skills of IMNIS alumni for their projects, collaborations, innovation, and strategy. For IMNIS alumni, this is an opportunity to explore the career opportunities available to them.

If you are interested in becoming a host organisation and accessing our strong pool of candidates or have a project that could benefit from this program, we invite you to get in touch to discuss your needs. 

Internship opportunities are announced to Alumni via email.


STEM career progression with IMNIS


Emerging Leaders Network

The Emerging Leaders Network (the Network) is an opportunity for STEM professionals to work alongside esteemed scholars and industry leaders, develop leadership skills and contribute to practical thinking to address pressing challenges.

The Network provides a platform for members to actively contribute to ATSE’s policy Forums and the International Strategy Group (ISG) and engage in evidence-based decision-making.

The Network is designed to foster the growth and development of upcoming professionals between the ages of 25 and 40 who have demonstrated leadership potential and a keen interest in policy and advocacy.

Applications for this program are currently closed.


ATSE pathways into and through STEM


IMNIS Impact Report Image
The IMNIS effect

Download our Impact Report and see how mentoring benefits PhD students and early career researchers, and the IMNIS program provides opportunities for Mentors to engage with future leaders in STEM.

STEM careers
IMNIS IMPACT report 663.8kb / pdf