Please review the FAQs for answers to the most commonly asked questions about IMNIS.


What is the duration of the mentoring program and what activities are included?

The IMNIS Engage program spans 12 months and includes industry-focused professional development and networking activities, mentoring with an industry professional, and access to additional ATSE activities and opportunities.

How are mentors and mentees matched?

To assure high quality matches, mentors and mentees are matched by the IMNIS team. Matches are made based on mentors and mentees preferences listed on their mentoring profile such as location, discipline, expertise and other preferences.

What STEM disciplines can participate in IMNIS Engage?

IMNIS Engage is inclusive of participation across all science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. With a focus on ATSE priority areas: health technologies , energy resources and renewables, minerals and METS, digital futures, advanced manufacturing, agriculture and water resources. Furthermore, it proudly embraces and respects Indigenous Knowledges within the STEM landscape. 

For Mentees

What is the time commitment for mentees?

Mentees are expected to commit to a regular one-hour meeting each month with their mentor for 12 months. Comprehensive guidelines are provided to mentees upon on-boarding to help facilitate a fruitful and productive  mentoring relationship. In addition to the mentoring, mentees are strongly encouraged to attend professional development and networking opportunities facilitated as part of the program.

Is there a cost associated with joining the program, and can I participate if my university/organisation is not an IMNIS partner?

The joining fees for mentees are covered directly by their university or research organisation. If your university/organisation is not a partner, you can express your interest in participating by contacting your Research Graduate Office or equivalent for potential selection.

For Mentors

Who can mentor?

Industry professionals who have approximately 7 or more years industry experience as well as executive or management level skills. Mentors do not have to have a PhD or a STEM qualification but must be interested to mentor a STEM qualified student and help them understand the sector.

What is the time commitment for mentors?

Mentors are expected to commit to a regular one-hour meeting each month with their mentee for a period of 12 months. Guidelines are provided to mentors and mentees to help facilitate a fruitful and productive  mentoring relationship. In addition to mentoring, mentors are encouraged to attend networking events hosted by IMNIS Engage.

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For organisations

How do we join the program?

For information about joining the program, please contact the IMNIS team at A member of the IMNIS team will contact you to discuss your specific requirements and explore opportunities to align with the industry engagement goals of your organisation. IMNIS offers tiered fee system  to accommodate the involvement of as many participants as you would like to support.

Who selects the mentees from our organisation?

Participating organisations are responsible for recruiting and selecting the participants they would like to support.  IMNIS asks organisations to take an inclusive approach when selecting mentees. Full-time, part-time, domestic and international students/researchers are all eligible. Selected mentees should be motivated to learn about and engage with industry and the broader STEM ecosystem.

Will my organisation receive data regarding the impact of the program on its participants?

Each participating organisation receives an annual report describing the IMNIS journey and experience for their mentees  . Additionally, an annual IMNIS Impact report is shared upon program completion, offering insights into both short- and medium-term impacts, providing valuable information on the overall effectiveness of the program.

IMNIS Catalyst

How do I apply?

Applications for IMNIS Catalyst open between February and March each year. Alumni will be sent the application details and form directly via email. If you’re an IMNIS Alumnus and would like to update your contact details to receive communications from IMNIS, please contact 

I have not completed the IMNIS Engage mentoring program, can I apply for IMNIS Catalyst?

IMNIS Catalyst is only available to IMNIS alumni. If you are interested in joining the IMNIS Engage program as the first step in furthering your STEM journey, we recommend you reach out to your Research Office to discuss options to join the IMNIS program. 

IMNIS Ignite

How can I become an internship host?

If you are interested in hosting an intern at your organisation, please contact the team at to discuss your needs, requirements and to identify next steps. The IMNIS team will work to facilitate the process for you.

Who can apply as an intern?

To participate in IMNIS Ignite you must be an alumnus of the IMNIS Engage mentoring program and have full-working rights in Australia.

How can I find out about new internship opportunities?

IMNIS alumni will receive an email update when a new internship opportunity is available. If you are IMNIS alumni and want to confirm you are part of the mailing list, please contact us at