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Many Students Around A Table With STELR Kits

20 curriculum modules 
280 lessons
100 hands-on activities

STELR is a hands-on, inquiry-based and in-curriculum program designed for secondary schools.

It is designed to be taught within the curriculum so that all students participate in inquiry learning that engages and challenges students in STEM.

STELR education areas

We offer twenty in-curriculum STEM topics with free downloadable PDF student and teacher booklets to guide your classroom teaching. Equipment kits that support a number of our topics are also available to purchase.

One Male Student Electricity And Energy Kit
Renewable energy
STR Renewable Energy Testing Station And Hands
Electricity and energy
Three Female Students Sustainable Housing Kit
Sustainable housing
Solar Car With Four Female Students Blurred Un Background
Solar cars
Close Up Turbine Blades
Wind energy
Water in the 21st century module
2A9CK4C1 Uid 62C5179ecee50
Earth, moon and sun
ATSE STLR ocean and ice
Climate change and oceans
ATSE STLR car charging
Car safety
STELR Future health
Future health
STELR Sensing Sound
Sensing sound
Three Male Students And Teacher with sustainable Housing Kit
Investigating science depth study

STELR equipment kits


To purchase STELR's in-curriculum, hands-on equipment, take a look at the kits we have to support our STELR topics.


Hear from a STELR teacher

Hear from a STELR teacher

Sarah Edwards, Naracoorte High School, SA


Webinars for students + professional development for teachers

STR Teacher Professional Development 3
STELR webinars and events

We bring together the brightest Australian scientists, technologists and engineers for a live chat with school students around the country.

We are inviting teachers into laboratories across Australia for tours with STEM experts. Learn about the latest trends in STEM, and understand the most current knowledge and skills students will need outside of the classroom.



Contact the STELR team

Contact the STELR team

If you're new to STELR and would like to know more about how you can use our curriculum resources in your classroom please get in touch.


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