STEM Beyond School – New South Wales

Presented by the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE)

Event details

Monday 22 April 2024

5:00pm-6:00pm AEST


Biological Sciences Building South, University of NSW (E26, Library Rd, Kensington NSW 2052). View map.


> Dr Lydia Qian, 2023 IMNIS Catalyst

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About STEM Beyond School

STEM Beyond School is a professional engagement program for secondary school Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) teachers and educators across Australia, facilitated by the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE).

STEM Beyond School is an initiative by the STELR team, which links teachers with professionals from a range of fields within STEM industries, with the goal of giving educators the most up-to-date understanding of industry trends, opportunities and needs for future employees.

Lab Tour

STEM teachers and educators are invited to The School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences (BABS) tour the facility and explore upcoming innovations.

BABS is home to a dynamic community of researchers and educators and state-of-the-art technologies to facilitate scientific investigation and teaching. Research topics at the School of BABS are diverse, but include cellular cholesterol production and transport, diabetes and obesity, cancer, genetic diseases, brain health and ageing, genetic evolution of viruses and marsupials, viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens. The school’s research is divided into three clusters: Genomics and Bioinformatics, Microbiology and Microbiomes, and Molecular and Cell Biology. Thus, the School of BABS fosters an interdisciplinary approach to understanding and teaching the mechanisms of life at the molecular level.
During the tour, you will visit the facilities and participate in a small lab demonstration.

Attendees must wear enclosed shoes, safety glasses and gowns (provided), and must follow instructions of UNSW staff.


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Dr Lydia Qian

2023 IMNIS Catalyst

Lydia Qian earned her Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) from UNSW, delving into her passion for science and research. Pursuing this passion further, she obtained her PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics from UNSW, graduating in 2024. Her groundbreaking research revolves around pioneering control methods for cellular cholesterol production. In addition to her academic achievements, Lydia serves as an IMNIS Catalyst for 2023-2024 and has spoken at prestigious events such as ATSE’s Visionary Leadership event.

Lydia has also organized and led ATSE’s STEM Beyond School Teacher PD event at UNSW. With a wealth of experience spanning 9 years in teaching biology at both high school and undergraduate levels, Lydia excels in simplifying complex concepts for diverse audiences. Her artistic flair further enhances her ability to craft visually captivating presentations. Lydia brings a meticulous, innovative approach to her work, emphasizing accuracy and evidence-based solutions. Through her expertise, she strives to tackle complex healthcare issues, ultimately aiming to enhance the quality of life for patients.