ATSE new Fellow 2023

Susanne Hermesch FTSE

Professor Susanne Hermesch

Professor Susanne Hermesch FTSE

Livestock genetics expert

Professor Susanne Hermesch is a leader in animal genetics research and a pioneer in using genetics to improve animal welfare.

As Australia’s leading pig genetics expert, she has significant industry impact, including selection strategies to boost the health and welfare of pigs, driving significant profitability increases in the sector. She has also made important contributions to pig production sustainability.

Susanne spent her career at the Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit which is a thriving incubator for budding researchers. She has not only worked in pig genetics, but across diverse organisms including chickpeas, bees, dairy, chickens and crocodiles. Susanne is also a passionate promoter of gender equity, a mentor and a champion for women in STEM.