Bio research commercialiser 

Jack Steele FTSE

Jack Steele New Fellows 2022


Director, Science Impact and Policy, CSIRO (NSW) 

Dr Jack Steele has driven national initiatives to commercialise scientific research for decades. From 2015, he led the establishment of CSIRO’s Main Sequence, an innovation fund commercialising ‘deep technology’ public sector research. 

Earlier in his career, Jack made major contributions to understanding interactions between biological cells and synthetic polymers. His first industrial research project involvement was the development of a biocompatible pacemaker and other implants, and lead to two successful spin-offs. He also led CSIRO’s contribution to a multinational project developing an extended wear contact lens.  

While managing governance for CSIRO’s commercial activities, Jack’s meticulous work helped CSIRO secure the commercial benefit of its wi-fi patents, after a decade of US litigation. 

Jack is known for generously sharing his expertise and mentoring numerous people.