ATSE new Fellow 2023

Tuan Ngo FTSE

Professor Tuan Ngo

Professor Tuan Ngo FTSE

Sustainable building specialist

Professor Tuan Ngo is a global leader in composite materials and an expert in safe and sustainable buildings and infrastructure.

Tuan pioneered modular construction in Australia and is leading the transformation of the building sector. He has made substantial contributions to establishing and growing a new prefabricated housing industry.

Tuan has led the development of numerous new materials, as well as innovative lightweight modular building and structural systems with superior thermal-mechanical, acoustic and fire properties, as well as low environmental impact.

Tuan won the 2013 Eureka Prize for Outstanding Science in Safeguarding Australia for the development of advanced materials for defence applications, including an Ultra High Strength Concrete system implemented to protect the Australian Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq.