Neurosci-to-navigation translator 

Michael Milford FTSE

Michael Milford, 2022 New Fellow

Professor MichaelMilfordFTSE

Joint Director, QUT Centre for Robotics; Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow, Queensland University of Technology (QLD) 

Professor Michael Milford is a leading researcher in neuroscience-based robotics navigation. He works closely with industry and government developing high-performance positioning systems for robotics and autonomous vehicles. 

Michael is at the forefront of visual place recognition technology, pioneering new methods for use in mission-critical contexts, including collaborations with Ford and Caterpillar. 

Michael’s world-first advancements translating abstract neuroscience into technology for real-world commercial applications were recognised by ATSE in 2019 in awarding him the Batterham Medal for engineering excellence. 

For more than 20 years, Michael has been creating STEM educational resources for students.