Sensing technology champion 

Huijun Zhao FTSE FAA

Huijun Zhao New Fellows 2022

Professor Huijun Zhao FTSE FAA 

Director, Centre for Catalysis and Clean Energy, Griffith University (QLD) 

Professor Huijun Zhao is an eminent researcher in sensing technology. He has developed innovative chemical, microbiological and nano-technological approaches to understanding pollutants in aquatic environments and soils. 

Huijun’s sensing tools enabled dramatic improvement in water quality monitoring. His PeCOD® sensing technology has been patented worldwide and recommended by Health Canada’s Drinking Water Guidelines for monitoring organic matter in drinking water. 

Working with major Australian water utilities and state government, Huijun has also developed new analytical tools for efficient wastewater source control and management. 

Huijun was awarded the prestigious R H Stokes Medal in 2017 for distinguished research in electrochemistry.