ATSE new Fellow 2023

Sangeeta Bhatia FTSE

Dr Sangeeta Bhatia

Dr Sangeeta Bhatia FTSE

Tissue technologist & entrepreneur

Dr Sangeeta Bhatia’s work is small in scale, but big in impact. She develops and deploys nanotechnologies for medical innovation.

Adapting methods more commonly found in the computer industry, Sangeeta engineers tissue to recreate “microenvironments” found in the human body, in the lab. For example, she makes human microlivers that are proving invaluable for researchers testing new drugs, and studying diseases that affect the liver like malaria and hepatitis.

Sangeeta also pioneered synthetic biomarkers, an emerging technology that enables the early detection of cancer tumours. She is an entrepreneur passionate about gender equity, having co-founded many companies and co-launched a project tackling gender imbalance in biotech start-ups.