International infrastructure innovator 

 Nasser Khalili FTSE

Nasser Khalili 2022 New Fellow

PSM Professor and Scientia ProfessorNasser KhaliliFTSE

Head, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of New South Wales; Director, ARC Industry Transformation Research Hub for Resilient and Intelligent Infrastructure Systems (RIIS) (NSW) 

ProfessorNasser Khaliliis an international leader in geotechnical engineering, computational geomechanics and unsaturated soil mechanics. His work encompasses roads, tunnels, mines, dams, earthquake engineering and groundwater projects.  

He has contributed to projects of national and international interest including the stability assessment of the Olympic Stadium site at Homebush Bay and the seismic hazard investigation for Sydney Airport’s third runway.  

Nasser currently oversees a project diverting 10,000 tonnes of paper and plastic waste into road construction, creating technical leadership in Australian recycling and reducing infrastructure costs.  

National design guidelines for embankment dams include Nasser’s seismic analysis. Nasser’s assessment of Hume Dam helped determine the cause of increasing movement in the dam’s core-wall and the design of an effective solution.