ATSE new Fellow 2023

Yun Liu FTSE

Professor Yun Liu

Professor Yun Liu FTSE

Advanced materials chemist

Professor Yun Liu is an internationally recognised materials chemist and ARC Georgina Sweet Laureate Fellow.

Yun’s outstanding record comprises ground-breaking research, multiple innovation awards, industry collaborations, strong leadership for women in STEM, and dozens of patents. Her discovery of new dielectric materials has profoundly impacted the electronic industry. She is currently researching advanced functional materials for  applications in national priority fields.

Yun’s innovative work also contributes to better environmental outcomes. She has explored removing “forever chemicals” from water using patented photocatalysts. Through liquid organic hydrogen carriers, Yun has developed a promising solution to continually store hydrogen at ambient temperature and pressure, at industrial scale – a critical step in Australia’s shift to net zero.