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Michelle Colgrave FTSE

Michelle Colgrave, 2022 New Fellow

Professor Michelle Colgrave FTSE

Future Protein Mission Leader, CSIRO Agriculture and Food (QLD); Professor, Food and Agricultural Proteomics, Edith Cowan University (WA)

Professor MichelleColgraveis internationally known for her cutting-edge work in proteomics – the study of proteins – used to improve agriculture and food for the benefit of human health. 

Michelle’s work focuses on providing optimum nutrition more sustainably. Her team supported the development of a canola variety that produces omega-3 oils. Michelle also helped develop the world’s first gluten-free barley. Her team is now examining oat cultivars for use in gluten-free diets.With growing demand for protein globally, her team is studying plant proteins, with lupins an exciting prospect. 

Michelle’s experience extends beyond research into strategy development for policymaking. She is active in encouraging more women into science.