Solar energy expert 

Kylie Catchpole FTSE

Kylie Catchpole New Fellow 2022

Professor Kylie Catchpole FTSE

Deputy Director, School of Engineering, Australian National University (ACT) 

Professor KylieCatchpoleis a global expert in solar energy.Her pioneering work demonstrating new approaches to increase the efficiency of solar cells and solar hydrogen technology has shaped the field.  

She has led teams that have achieved world record solar cell efficiencies, and the solar hydrogen technology developed by aninterdisciplinary team led by Kylie was named a top 10 innovation in 2020 by the Japanese Government’s Innovations for a Cool Earth Forum. She has also contributed significantly to Australia’s hydrogen strategy. 

Kylie is an inspiring leader and her popular course, ‘Optimism and agency in times of change’, is empowering students to identify their contribution to global challenges by defining what’s important to them. Students have said, ‘This course has truly changed my outlook on life’.