ATSE new Fellow 2023

Susannah Eliott FTSE

Susannah Eliott

Dr Susannah Eliott FTSE

Science communicator & evidence advocate

As CEO of the Australian Science Media Centre (AusSMC), Dr Susannah Eliott has been a driving force in improving Australian’s access to trusted information about  science and technology.

Following an early career in cell biology, Susannah turned her interest to science communication, managing the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Centre for Science Communication, and later establishing the AusSMC.

The AusSMC supports the accurate reporting of science in the media and works with around 2,000 journalists and around 6,000 qualified experts to support the accurate reporting of science and technology in the media for the benefit of the Australian public. Susannah has supported the work of science media centres in other parts of the world, including New Zealand,  Taiwan, Germany, Spain, the UK and Kenya.

Susannah is passionate about increasing the amount, accessibility and visibility of Australian research in the media.